Epoxy Coating for Tough Corrosive / Erosive Conditions

KALPOXY┬« 255 from Kalenborn Abresist Corporation is a 100% solids epoxy coating for tough corrosive/erosive conditions.  KALPOXY 255 is formulated with aliphatic (straight chain) curing agents to obtain flexible and light colored films and avoid the handling problems of aromatic polyamines.  It is also solvent-free which offers an odor-free application and curing and eliminates osmotic blistering found in other high performance coatings, a result of retained water sensitive solvent left in the cured film.

KALPOXY 255 is tolerant of substandard surfaces and can easily be applied and cured underwater with good results.  It can be used in marine and offshore, power generation and heavy-duty lining in heat exchange equipment and steel exposed to chemical or physical abuse.  This coating can also be used in industrial maintenance applications like heavy duty linings for steel and concrete where extreme resistance to aggressive chemicals such as 50% caustic soda or 98% sulfuric acid is required.

Other features include surface tolerant bonding, curing under water, displaces water, fast cure, high build up to 250 Mils and low coefficient of friction which eliminates build up.  KALPOXY 255 is available in formulations for spray or roller/trowel applications.

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