KALPOXY® 255 Coating

100% Solids Protection Epoxy Coating for Tough Corrosive/Erosive Conditions

KALPOXY® 255 is a premium quality 100% solids epoxy coating designed for exacting duty in tough corrosive/erosive conditions. Pure liquid epoxy resins cured by aliphatic, advanced polyamine compounds and inert pigmentation are used for maximum chemical and physical properties. Exposure to water or high humidity during curing has no adverse effect on KALPOXY® 255. For further technical information click the printer friendly pdf link.

  • Marine & Offshore - Heavy-duty linings in heat exchange equipment and on steel exposed to chemical or physical attack.
  • Power Generation - Tube sheet, water-box, draft-tube and penstock linings.
  • Industrial Maintenance - Heavy duty lining for steel and concrete where extreme resistance to aggressive chemicals such as 50% caustic soda or 98% sulfuric acid is required.


  • Filter Slurry Tanks
  • Air Receiver Tanks
  • Thickener Tanks
  • Launders
  • Structural Steel
  • Concrete Restoration
  • Secondary Containment
  • Concrete Pillar Rebuild & Restoration


  • 100% Solids “O” VOC’s
  • Surface Tolerant Bonding
  • Displaces Moisture
  • Cures Under Water
  • Fast Cure
  • High Build up to 250 Mils
  • Trained Service Team
  • Low Coefficient of Friction (eliminates build up)