Wear Resistant Pipe, Fittings and Bends

Proper Abrasion Protection for Hydraulic and Pneumatic Conveying Lines

Wear and abrasion protection materials. To achieve both technical and economical wear protection, many factors have to be taken into account. The choice needs to be based on the application. The best solution for long life and economical abrasion protection depends upon the proper selection of the wear resistant pipe linings as well as a knowledge of expected cost.

A wide range of different materials with different characteristics can be chosen to protect against wear. Pipe linings made of mineral, metallic or ceramic materials have proven to work well.


Clear Advantages of Using Wear Resistant Pipe Linings:

  • Long lifetime and maintenance free operation
  • NO operation interruption or production losses
  • NO contamination of the conveyed materials due to abrasion, mixture or oxidation
  • Physiologically harmless, suitable for food products
  • Smooth surface to achieve good flowability and to avoid plugs
  • Reduced pressure losses and lower energy cost
  • No spilled material to clean up

Example of a Wear Resistant Pipe Bend

Wear resistant pipe bend.

Kalenborn Abresist also recommends these other wear resistant linings: