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Kalenborn Abresist has the wear resistant linings expertise and knowledge to handle most impact, high temperature and abrasion issues with your plant. Contact us today for more information about which abrasion resistant lining is right for your applications.

Contact Abresist for your wear protection needs with abrasion resistant and wear resistant linings.
Kalenborn Abresist

Corporate Sales Office
PO Box 38
5541 North State Road 13
Urbana, IN 46990
Phone: (800) 348-0717
Sales Fax: (260) 774-3832

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Contact these Corporate Sales Personnel with your questions:

Craig Frendewey
Greg Leininger
Manager - Inside Sales/Customer Service
Phone: 260-774-3327 ext. 18
Mike Donaldson
Sales Representative
Phone: 260-774-3327 ext. 22
Scott Dietrich
Director of Production
Phone: 260-774-3327 ext. 28
Courtney Eakright
Sales Representative
Phone: 260-774-3327 ext. 26
Mark Jones
Supply Chain Manager
Phone: 260-774-3327 ext. 12
Troy Ray
Director of Finance
Phone: 260-774-3327 ext. 30

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